Rasky's Site Is Dedicated To All Men And Women That Have Served Our Country

Many Made The Ultimate Sacrifice For Our Freedom
To Those That Returned "Rasky, Rick And Bobbie Welcome You Home!"
To Those Still Lost And Unaccounted For......
You Have Not Been Forgotten By Us!

My Personal Dedication Of This Page Is For My Loves
Rick And Rascal

Rick Is A Wonderful Man That I Was Lucky Enough To Meet In 1998
He Served In Vietnam From July 1967-July 1968
When He Returned Home He Received No Welcome
So Deserving Of A Young Man That Had Answered His Country's Call To Duty
Instead He Was Spit Upon And Made To Feel Ashamed For His Service

I Was A Little Girl At The Time
I Only Remember A Neighbor Losing 6 Of Her 7 Son's To Vietnam
I Have Nothing But The Highest Regard Toward Anyone That Served In Vietnam
I Proudly Wore My MIA Bracelet Long After The End Of The Era Since My MIA Did Not Return Home
I Will Always Honor All Of You That Served In Vietnam

I Regret The Shameful Way
That You Were Treated By Your Fellow Americans When You Returned Home

Rick Thank You For Being Our Life Our Love

We Dedicate This Page And Our Hearts To You

Bobbie And Rascal

Blood On My Hands

I Have Blood On My Hands But I Was Trained To Do This
So Many Young Lives Cut Short On The Battlefields Of Southeast Asia
So Many Young Lives Missing In Action Never To Be Seen Again
So Many Families Never To See Their Soldiers Again
I Was One Of The Fortunate Ones To Come Back

But A Part Of Me Is Still There
I Can't Forget I Won't Forget

Sometimes It Torments Me Immensly
Other Times The Pain Is Less But Never Forgotten
There Were Good Memories
Laughing With Strangers Soon Bonded By War
Trying Not To Get Too Close
As They Might Disappear Before My Eyes

Raindrops Falling On Their Faces As They Are Slipped Into BodyBags
Never To Laugh And Smile Again

This Is The Reality Of War

Tears In My Eyes
Knowing Their Fate Before Their Own Family Does
I Am A Man I Am Not Supposed To Cry
But I Cry
I Can't Stop The Flow Of Tears
I Watch As New Recruits Young 19 Year Old Men Like Me
Come To Take Their Place
I Don't Want To Make Friends With Them
Knowing What They face I Grow Colder
I Want To Go Home But I Have 4 Months Tour Of Duty Left
Not Knowing What My Fate Will Be
We Have To Protect Each Other
And Fight Together The Unseen Enemy
Will A Bullet Get Me Today?
Will I Be Slipped Into A Body Bag?
Will I Be The One They Cry Over Today?
Or Will I Live To See Tomorrow?
What Peace Will I Have If I Do?
I Have To Kill Or Be Killed Do Or Die That Is My Job
I Don't Have Time To Feel Regret Or Remorse

That Is The Cold Brutality Of War

That You Must Take A Life Or Lose Yours
I Live With The Realism Today
I Am Not Ashamed I Did What I Had To Do
I Was A Soldier A Warrior A Taker Of Life
But I Am A Wounded Soldier Now A Man
I Can Never Kill Again Not Even Bambi
It's Not In My Heart
I Am A Namvet
I Will Never Forget
I Can't Forget

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With The Help Of Irockslady
Rick "Irockblue" 2-3-2000
Rasky's VietNam Memorial
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Never Forget Our Pow/Mia's

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