Welcome Home!

For The Boy Who Went To Vietnam
And Came Back A Man
We Dedicate This To You
We Love You Rick

Bobbie And Rascal

After All Of These Years
He Doesn't Look His Age

Rick Served Proudly As Part Of The 4th Infantry Division In Vietnam
Like Other Vietnam Soldiers
He Did All That He Could To Keep His Sanity While In That Hellish Place
He Has Lived True To His Commitment To Never Forget
It Has At Times Tormented His Days
And Made His Nights Anything But Restful
Time Your Told Will Heal All Wounds
I Think That If Our VietNam Soldiers Had Received The "Hero's Welcome"
They So Deserved When They Came Home To Us
That It Would Have Been Easier For Them
Sadly They Did Not And They All Carry That Weight To This Day

I Am Proud Of You Rick
And To All Of You Who Gave Up So Much In The Call Of Duty

"I Thank You"
This Page Is For All Of You


I Came Home

I Came Home Alone By Myself Alone
No Fanfare No Parades No Music Playing
A Cold Rainy Morning In Seattle Washington
I Got Off The Plane And Kissed The Dirty Wet Ground
Scared Only My Idle Thoughts To Comfort Me
Thoughts Of The Men Who Are Still There That Won't Come Home
Thinking "Man I Wish That I Had A Joint"

Will My Mother And Sister Recognize This Unsmiling Face?
I Have Heard All Of The Stories
"Take Off Your Uniform When You Get Home"
Don't Let Anyone Know That You Are A Vietnam Veteran
Any Pride That You Have They Will Quickly Strip From You
There Is A Different War Going On In The States
A War That You Cannot Win

People Will Say That You Are A "Baby Killer"
And They Will Spit On You
Some Will Respect You, Most Will Hate You
Even Though You Did What You Had To Do
No Canada For You You Served Your Country

Even With What I Know Today I Would Do It All Over Again
Strange At Last I Am Home Back In The USA
Still I Feel No Inner Peace Within Me
Strangely I Feel Nothing An Emptiness That I Cannot Explain
A Cold Rain Is Falling Yet It Feels Good To Me
It Helps Hide The Tears

I Am A Man I Am Not Supposed To Cry
The Nightmare Dreams Have Already Started
I Feel Coldness Inside Me I Don't Want To Go Home I Want To Hide

After A Year How Do I Turn It All Off?
Where Is My Support?

After A Year Of Death And Killing I Am Brought Home
And Dumped Back Into An Unforgiving Society
No Debriefing Still In Kill Or Be Killed Mode
Suicide Runs Through My Mind

My Body Is Home Yet My Soul Is Still In Southeast Asia
Yes My Tour Of Duty In Vietnam Is Over
But My Tour Of Duty Is Starting At Home
Another War Has Started At Home Never To End

It Is Still Raining Cold And Damp
Only I Know About The Tears Streaming Down My Face
I Slowly Walk Into The Darkness About To Face My Fears
Alone Going Home

Am I The Only One Aware That This Is The Day That I Come Home
I Am On My Way Home
May God Help And Forgive Me

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Rick "Irockblue" 2-28-00
Rasky's VietNam Memorial
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