There Are 1,566 Soldiers Still Unaccounted For
Dead Or Alive Bring Them Home Now!!

Since The War Ended In Vietnam Refugees Have Flooded The World
Bringing With Them Stories Of American Soldiers Still Held Prisoner In Their Homeland
Many Authorities Now Believe That Hundreds Were Left Behind As Living Hostages
And That Substantial Numbers Of These Are Still Alive Today
Hundreds Of Families Wait Expectantly
And In The Special Agony Only Uncertainty Can Bring
Hundreds Of Men May Wait In Caves Cages And Prisons

How Much Longer Will We Allow The Abandonment Of Our Best Men?

And Rasky
Want To Dedicate This Page To Those Still Lost
The Above Torch Will Serve As Our Eternal Flame
It Will Burn Day And Night Until They Are All Returned
"Dead Or Alive"

Let Us Hope
That In Our Lifetime We Will Have An Accurate Count Of These Lost Americans
That They Will Be Returned To Their Country
Let Us Hope That This Flame Does Not Burn In Vain
That We As Americans Will Do What We Can To Bring Them Home

They Are Gone But Never Forgotten
God Bless You!!

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