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Irocklady's MIA

Fred Mooney

E7/US Army

Troop B
7th Squadron
1St Cavalry
223rd Aviation Battalion

Date Of Birth
19 July 1934
Gallia County, Ohio

Home City Of Record
Northrup, Ohio

Date Of Loss
27 February 1971

Country Of Loss

Loss Coordinates
162753N 1063121E (XD625208)

Status (In 1973)
Killed/Body Not Recovered Category 2


Reference Number

Other Personnel In Incident
Ronald L. Babcock


Lam Son 719 Was A Large Scale Offensive Against Enemy Communications Lines Which Was Conducted In That Part Of Laos Adjacent To The Two Northern Provinces Of South Vietnam
The South Vietnamese Would Provide And Command Ground Forces, While U.S. Forces Would Furnish Airlift And Supporting Fire

Phase I, Renamed Operation Dewey Canyon II, Involved An Armored Attack By The U.S. From Vandegrift Base Camp Toward Khe Sanh, While The ARVN Moved Into Position For The Attack Across The Laotian border

Phase II Began With An ARVN Helicopter Assault And Armored Brigade Thrust Along Route 9 Into Laos
ARVN Ground Troops Were Transported By American Helicopters, While The U.S. Air Force Provided Cover Strikes Around The Landing Zones

During One Of These Maneuvers, On February 27, 1971, The Bravo Dutchmasters Were Airborne Over Laos, Their Pink Teams Doing Low-Level Scouting In The Area Of Operations Of The ARVN 1st Infantry Division

Capt. Ronald L. Babcock Was Flying One Of The OH6A Loaches (Serial #67-16256) And His Door-Gunner/Observer, SFC Fred Mooney Was The Scout Platoon Sergeant
A Man In His Forties, Mooney Was Not Required To Fly Nut He Volunteered To Show The Young Draftees That Old Lifers Could Be As Tough As They Were

After Ten Minutes In The Area, The Formation Began Receiving 51 Caliber Ground Fire
Skimming Low Over The Trees, The Loach Was Hit By NVA Fire And Babcock Made Several Radio Transmissions, Saying That His Observer Was Hit And That He Didn't Have Any Control Over The Aircraft
He Radioed That They Were Going Down

The Command And Control Ship Chased After The Descending Ship And Observed The Loach Crash On Its Skids On A Dirt Road
The Last Transmission Heard From Babcock Was Either "Sit Still" Or "Don't Move"

The Rotor, Which Had Lost One Blade, Continued To Turn
The Aircraft Was Still Intact And The Tail Boom And Windshield Bubble Had Not Been Damaged Extensively
It Looked As If Someone Had Thrown A Smoke Grenade, As There Was Smoke In The Crash Site Area
However, The Aircraft Had Not Burned

A Crew Chief On One Of The Airborne Helicopters Thought He Saw Mooney And Babcock Jump Out And Run Across A Grassy Clearing, Whereupon They Were Cut Down By North Vietnamese In The Treeline

The C And C Ship Commander Dropped To A Twenty-Foot Hover And Called On The Radio That, From Their Appearance, The Two Were Dead

Babcock And Mooney Were Seen Lying Face Up A Few Feet In Front Of The Helicopter
Neither Man Was Moving And Their Faces Were Pale, With Eyes Wide Open
Both Appeared To Be Bleeding From Head And Body Wounds

The Blood Around Them Had Already Started To Dry And Neither Man Appeared To Be Alive
The Chase Helicopter Then Began To Receive Small Arms Fire And Had To Leave The Site

Another UH1H Sent To The Crash Site Was Also Able To Hover A Few Feet Above The Downed Helicopter But Was Unable To Land
This Crew Also Reported That Two Bodies Were Lying Face Up In A Crumpled Position
It Appeared That The Crew Had Been Hit With Ground Fire After Leaving The Aircraft
Enemy Positions In This Area Were Extremely Well-Fortified And Continued Firing, Even After Receiving Numerous Air Strikes
Friendly Ground Troops Were Unable To Get To The Crash Site Because Of Enemy Activity

Curiously, The Army Did Not Immediately Declare Mooney And Babcock Dead But Waited Nearly A Year Before A Status Change Was Made
At The Time, The Babcock Family Felt That The Change Was Made Without Tangible Evidence Of Death
Apparently Their Impression Was That Observers Were Unsure Whether The Two Men Were Dead And The Delay In The Status Change Seems To Support This View
Army Accounts, However, Prepared At The Time Of The Status Change, Do Not Leave Room For Doubt
It Is Interesting To Note That In Many Cases The Precise Evidence Used To Support Continuation In Missing In Action Status Is Later Used, Evaluated In A Different Manner, As "Proof" That An Individual Must Be Dead
It Is A Small Wonder That So Many POW/MIA Family Members Have Grown To Distrust What The Government Has To Tell Them About Their Missing Man

Fred Mooney's Tour Was To Be Over In May And His Plans Were To Return To Killeen, Texas And Continue His Life With His Wife And Four Children

Ron Babcock Graduated From College With A Degree In Forestry And Was Anxious To Get Home And Get On With His Career

Proof Of The Deaths Of Mooney And Babcock Was Never Found

No Remains Came Home And Neither Was Released From A Prison Camp

They Were Not Blown Up Nor Did They Sink To The Bottom Of The Ocean

Someone Knows What Happened To Them

Irockblue's MIA

Douglas Edward Dahill

US Army Special Forces

Recon Team 5
Detachment B-52 DELTA
5th Special Forces

Date Of Birth
06 March 1949

Home City of Record
Lima, Ohio

Date Of Loss
17 April 1969

Country Of Loss
South Vietnam

Loss Coordinates
160126N 1073546E (YC778732)

Status (In 1973)
Missing In Action



Other Personnel In Incident
Charles V. Newton
Charles F. Prevedel


SSgt. Charles V. Newton, Sgt. Charles F. Prevedel, SP4 DouglasE. Dahill And 3 Unidentified Vietnamese Were Inserted Into Quang Nam Provincein South Vietnam As Ppart Of Detachment B52 Delta's Reconnaissance Team6 On April 14, 1969

On April 16, The Team Reported Making Contact With The Enemy But Radioed That It Was Continuing The Patrol

On April 17, the team made its scheduled morning radio contact and reported the team's position
At 206 hours, The Team Reported To Control And Command That They Were In A Stream Bed And Had Been Hit Hard And Rquested Airstrikes
Their Location Was Then In Thua Thien Province, 9 Miles From Laos
A Forward Air Controller (FAC) Sent Into The Area Was Unable To Make Radio Contact With The Team
At 1400 Hours, Thunderstorms In The Area Prevented The Insertion Of A Relief Force

The Next Day, A BDA (Bomb Damage Assessment) Team Was Inserted To Search For Team 6
They Encountered Viet Cong Personnel Wearing Tiger Striped Fatigues And Bearing Rifles And Grenades Of The Type Used By Team 6
A Thorough Search Of The Stream Bed And Surrounding Area Yielded No Trace Of Team 6
Numerous Air And Ground Searches Of Team 6 Evasion Route Were Conducted With No Positive Result

A Viet Cong Reported That In Mid-May, 1969, He Had Seen Two U.S. POWs In Quang Nam Province, Exact Location Unspecified
The Report Was Correlated To SSgt. Newton And Sgt. Prevedel On The Basis Of Time, Location And Compatability Of The Physical Descriptions

Four Photos From A Christmas, 1969 Film Of POWs Were Correlated by CIA To Charles Newton And One To Charles Prevedel

There Has Been No Further Information To Surface About Dahill

The Vietnamese Deny Having Any Knowledge Of Any Of The Members Of Team 6

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