Healing Begins Within

To All Of Those Brave Men And Women
Who Are "Brothers" And "Sisters"
" We Do Welcome You Home"!

It's Time For You To Break Free From The Chains Of PTSD

You Did Not Come Home Like Others Before You To Parades, Well-Wishers And Open Arms As The Heros That You Were
You Came Home From Service Not Asked For But Demanded Of You To A Country Divided
Your Peers Called You Names
You May Have Been Spat Upon
You Most Assuredly Were Made To Feel Shamed For Serving Your Country
You Did What You Were Trained To Do
Yet You Were Not Treated As The Heros That You Were

So Many Gave Their Lives In VietNam For God, Honor And Country
So Many More Lost Their Identity
You Came Home, No Longer The Innocent Young Man That Left
So Many Were Lost Forever, Never Again To Be Found

Years Later Many Still Live With The Past
You Are Unable To Move On In Life
You Live Your Life Seperated From The Day To Day Joy's Of Living
You May Laugh But You Still Cry Deep Inside
You May Seem Fine, While The Nightmares Still Play On Inside Your Head
You Are The Men Who Need Our Support And Love
You Need To Know That You Did What You Had To Do To Survive And You Shouldn't Feel Sorry For Your Service To Your Country
You Need To Know That You Are Respected And Thanked For Your Service
You Need To Know You Are Accepted, Wanted And Needed In Everyones Lives
You Need To Know That You Are Welcome For Defending Our Honor
You Need To Know That You Are Loved

I Try To Show All Of These Things To Rick Every Day Of The Year
I Am Proud Of His Service To Our Country
I Will Honor Him For The Rest Of Our Lives


There Is Organization Called
"VietNow National Magazine "
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Their Service Is To Provide All Combat Zone Veterans A Place To Restore Your Dignity
A Place Where You Can Be Heard And Understood
To Finally Be More Than A War Survivor
Pride, Honor And Freedom Will Be What You Will Gain With The VietNow Web Site
Please Visit Their Website And Honor Yourself
Or Gain Understanding Of What A Loved One Went Through By Getting In Touch

An Angel On My Shoulder
Smiled Up At Me Today
I Needed A Friend And The Angel Said
She Would Never Go Away

At Times In My Life, I Have Felt So Alone
I Could Not Keep My Tears From Falling
But Now I Know I Am Guided By Love
When I Hear My Angel Calling

In All Those Moments
When I Felt Pain And Sorrow
And I Thought No Nne Could Hear
My Angel Gave Me Courage And Strength
She Was Not Gone, She Was Near

Yes, We All Have Times In Our Lives
When Holding On Is Hard To Do
But You Are Never Alone With An Angel By Your Side
She Is There To See You Through

So When Your World Keeps On Turning
And Many Things Do Not Seem To Make Sense
Just Remember, Your Angel Is There By Your Side
Close Your Eyes And Feel Her Presence

Author Unknown

Never Forget Our POW's/MIA's

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