They Will Never Be Forgotten

This Page Is Dedicated To All Our Soldiers That Are Prisoners Of War
Missing In Action
And To Those Brave Men And Women
That Gave The Ultimate Sacrifice To Protect The Freedoms That We Enjoy

Never Forget our Pow/Mia's
Rick, Bobbie And Rasky Won't

Though Many Years Have Passse Since The End Of The Vietnam War
There Are Those Who Believe
That There Are Still Servicemen Being Kept Against Their Will

Until We Have An Accurate Accounting
Of "All" Of Our Servicemen And Servicewomen That Have Never Returned
We Will Not Give Up The Hope Of Them Returning Home
For Them And Their Memory
Which Is Alive And Well Within Those Who Like Us Have "Not Forgotten"
Rick, Bobbie And Rasky Dedicate This Page

Rick's Dedication

I Walked Into A Church With A Troubled Mind
My Left Knee Touching The Ground As I Begin To Kneel
Trying To Explain To God As To What I Feel
Not Knowing What To Say
For Some Reason I Have Forgotten How To Pray

I Am Not Praying For Me
I Am Praying For Forgotten Men
Pow/Mia's In A Faraway Land
Forgotten By The Government But Not By Me
Boys That Became Warriors That Defended Our Freedom

I Hear Their Screams In My Nightly Dreams
"Does Anyone Hear Me? Does Anyone Care?"

"Why Am I Here?" "Why Has No One Came To Save Me?"
"Why Am I Being Beaten And Served Rancid Rice?"
"Why Do I Have A Weapon Pointed At Me?"
When I Am Being Told That The War Is Over"
"Why Do I Never See The Sun?"
"Why Am I Forever Imprisoned In Deep Darkness?"

"Have My Children Forgotten Me?"
Has My Wife Married Someone Else?"
"I Am Alone But Only The Enemy Knows"

"It Is So Hot Here And I Feel Death"
"Am I Already In Hell?"
"Some Men Have Already Died And Found Their Peace"
"But I Am Still Here Tired And Alone"
"I Have No Freedom I Cannot Leave"

"Someone Come And Get Me"
"Please Bring Me Home!"

"Bring Me Home To Mom, Apple Pie And BaseBall"
"Bring Me Home To The Country That I Love"
"And To The Ones That Love Me!!"

"Please Bring Me Home"

"So Here I Am On Bended Knee Telling You God"
That I Hear Cries For Freedom"
"Please Answer My Nightly Prayer"
"Bring Home Our Pow/Mia's"
"Give Them Freedom And Silence Their Cry's Of Tears"
"AS Long As I Live I Will Hear Their Screams
And They I Will Never Forget"

CopyRight 2000-
Rick "Irockblue" 4/18/2000
Rasky's VietNam Memorial
All Rights Reserved

Pow Prayer By Alan Harnack

Doesn't Anybody Care About Me?

Hear Me Help Me Uncle Sam
I'm A Prisoner Of War In Vietnam

I Came To Serve My Blessed Land
Now I'm Confused On Where I Stand

They Tell Me That The War Is Through
But I Have Yet To See The Proof

The Man By The Door Still Has A Gun
And I Have Yet To See The Sun

I've Been Here For Eighteen Years
My Eyes Are Wet From Lonely Tears

I Pray Someday That I May See
My Lovely Wife And My Family

Leeches Live Upon My Skin
Parasites Down Deep Within

Mosquitoes Land Upon My Face
I've Got To Get Out Of This Place!

Men Have Died Since I've Been Here
I Feel My Number's Getting Near

My Vision's Dim It's Hard To See
Doesn't Anybody Care About Me?

CopyRight 1987-
Used With Permission Of Alan C. Harnack
199th Light Infantry Brigade
10 September 1987

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