Raskys Vietnam, Pow/Mia And All Wars Links Page
Welcome Home To All Of Our Veterans Of All Wars

If A Veteran Crosses Your Path
Take The Time To Shake Their Hand
And Welcome Them Home No Matter What War They Fought In
For They Are The Reason That We Have Our Freedom
A Little Kindness Always Brings A Smile And Sometimes A Tear


The Miles You Walked, You Did It For Me
The Gift It Brought Was The Freedom I See

You Joined, Many Were Drafted, Many Never Came Home
I Am Sure That There Were Times When You Felt Alone

But Know I Was There, Wishing You Well
While Daily Your Life Was Filled With Hell

What You Did For Me, I Can Try To Repay
Giving You Thanks Each And Every Day

I Can Never See Through Your Eyes
But My Thanks AreTrue, Not Made Of Lies

You Went, Not Knowing What Was To Be
You May Not Have Known That You Did It For Me

I'll Forever Be Grateful For All That You Did
Even Though When You Did It
I Was Just A Kid

Welcome Home
And I Thank You For Your Service To Our Country
I'm Just Grateful That All Of This Led Me To You

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Bobbie "IrocksLady" 5-2-01
Rasky's Vietnam Memorial
All Rights Reserved

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