Go Away

Go away and leave me be

I have no feelings to ever be shown
Loneliness is all that I have ever known
No flowers have grown from the seeds that I have sown

Go away and leave me be
My eyes are closed
I cannot see

My ears hear only silence
Nothing gets through to me
Alone like an apple
That has fallen from the tree

Go away and leave me be
Is all that I know how to say
Yesterday and tomorrow
Were are all the same as today

As sure as April turns into May
At the cross roads
You will turn left
And I will go my own way

Go away
The feeling of closeness
Brings to much pain
Love and happiness
I find that I must refrain

I have allways been treated with hatred and disdain
The only time that I am happy is while walking in the rain

Go away it has been so long and you are so new
Unfamiliar feelings
I don't know what to do

I don't know if I can trust you
You pale the rose petals and make me blue

Go away
From out of the past
I can see a ghost
To the future
My life
I continue to coast

Dreary and drab
It is nothing to boast
Lost some where in time
Like a sentry without a post

Go away
I say to anyone
I must say my goodbyes
I am all alone
With tears in my eyes

Gasping for breath
I continue to sigh
I am a grown man
And yet I still cannot cry

Go away
Because someday you will
It is a safe bet
My heart is not an apartment to be sublet

In the past and in the future
You are someone I have not met yet
Secure in my feelings
My life's destiny
Long ago has been set

Go away
You cannot be someone that I will miss
No Garden of Eden
No bed of roses
No eternal bliss

No touch
No feeling
No tender kiss
Naked body parts
I don't want anymore of this

Go away
I won't be hurt
I am content to be alone and sad
I can't feel anything
I get so pissed
I get so mad

Dreaming of things that I have never had
Inside my heart
I feel so bad

Just Go Away And Leave Me Be

CopyRight Rick "Irockblue" 1-27-1993

CopyRight 1993-
Rasky's VietNam Memorial
All Rights Reserved

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