Time Is Up

Life is only a temporary thing
It disappears quickly
Fast before you know it
On an eagle's wing

Before you can turn around
You will surely hear the angels sing
Death will come
As soon as you hear the bells ring

You will cease to exist
As you fade away from life
No more pain
A loveless place
No more strife
No sons
No daughters
Not even a wife

The sounds that you hear
Are not what you hear
So far away
Never near
The loving and living of life are what I fear
Never ahead
Always at the rear

From what I see from within my eyes
Are darkness
And all of your lies
No roses
No love
Or kindness
Everything dies
The logic of sanity
Am I crazy?
It all defies

Reaching out for understanding
You find a bomb
And you are blown apart
No feeling or understanding
And least of all
No heart
It is time to give up
Leaving you all behind
And I depart

Outwardly a wierd person
Is all you see
No time to understand the real me
Am I not worth your time?
Do you hate me?
Walk away from me and leave me be
I guess I should thank you for setting me free

My time is up
I want to go away
I don't want to listen to what anyone has to say
Maybe I won't be here tomorrow as I am today
Maybe it is six feet under where I will be happy to lay

I have lost all desire
I am unlit
I have lost all of my fire
I cannot walk through all of this muck and mire
I am so exhausted and quick to tire

My time is up I am a lost and lonely man
I am fourty years old
The time so quickly it has run

CopyRight Rick "Irockblue" 7-30-1987

CopyRight 1987-
Rasky's VietNam Memorial
All Rights Reserved

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