I Had So Much
In Reality I Had Nothing

I had a dream
But I awoke

I saw love
But now I am blind

I love you I heard
Now I am deaf

I tasted love
Now I am not hungry

I sensed pleasure
Now I am unfeeling

I felt love
Now I hate

I once smiled
Now I frown

I laughed yesterday
Tomorrow I cried

I live in the past
In the future I die

I have your memory
But soon I will forget

I felt the warmth of your body
Now I feel only steel cold

I felt togetherness
Now I feel alone and so far apart

I felt the tenderness of your kiss
Now it is just one of the many things in life
That I miss

I felt your hand
Now I burn from the slap

I came early to see you
And still I arrived a day to late

I put a dollar down
And recieved no change

I gave every feeling I had to you
And in return
I lost control of all of my senses

I made love to you
Now I can't even make love to myself

I shared with you my innermost secrets
Now so quiet
I keep it all bottled up

Before you I had nothing
No one will ever know my true feelings

CopyRight Rick "Irockblue" 4-8-1981

CopyRight 1981-
Rasky's VietNam Memorial
All Rights Reserved

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