A Silent Quiet Man That Does Love You

More Than Not I Am Always Sick
But I Am Just Plain Old Rick

I Try To Give You Love With Help From Above
With Your Help
I Need A Shove

I Have Been Alone For So Long
Then You Came Along To Right A Wrong

I Don't Touch You Often Enough
But This Is The Way That I Am
You Should Know That By Now


But I Don't Know The Way To Show How

Much I Do Care That You Are Here
I Can't Change Overnight Or Explain My Fear

Opening Doors And Letting You In
In My Life
So Much Hurt
So Much Pain
In The Past
Much Hatred By So Many Others
And From Me They Abstain

I Have Never Felt Love Before
And Then You Came Through The Door

You Took Me For What I Am
A Middleaged
Long Haired Hippie Man

You Have To Bear With Me

But You Need To Understand
And Give Me Your Helping Hand

I Am A Quiet Silent Man

Still In My Heart
I Have Many A Fear
From My Eyes
Falls A Single Silent Tear

Please Never Go Away
Even Though I Don't Tell You Out Loud
That Here Is Where I Want You To Stay

CopyRight Rick "IrockBlue" 2-22-1999

CopyRight 1999-
Rasky's VietNam Memorial
All Rights Reserved

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