Lady In Waiting One

Love Is A Feeling
I Have No Feeling

Even Though My Eyes Are Open
I Am Not Seeing

My Ears Are Open
But I Am Not Hearing
The Words I Cannot Hear
There Is No Reason For Believing

Everyone It Seems
Has Something That They Are Selling
I Have No Feeling
There Fore I Am Not Buying

I Will Smile And Laugh
But At The Same Time I Am Still Crying
I Will Live And Exist And Yet Keep On Dieing
One Step Forward
Two Steps Backward
Am I Really Trying?

You Who Do Not Understand
Is It You Or Me
Who Am I Really Fighting?
Is It Your Desires
Not Mine
That I Am Satisfying?

To Open Up Or Close My Heart
That I Am Still Debating

I Am Not Loving Anyone
And Yet I Am Not Really Hating

In Between No Where
Lost And Failing

Amidst So Many People
It Doesn't Matter
Still I Am Drowning

If You Would Only Open Your Arms
I Could Be Yours For The Taking

If You Would Only Kiss Me
You Could Be The One To Stop My Acheing

If You Would Only Whisper In My Ear The Words

Only Then Would My Heart Would Stop Breaking

Is It Possible Someday
That It Will Happen To Me?
Whoever You Are
That I Will Love You
"Lady In Waiting"

CopyRight Rick "IrockBlue"
August 13-1977 And 2-11-2002

CopyRight 1977-
Rasky's VietNam Memorial
All Rights Reserved

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