Play Rasky's Line Game

Game Instructions

You Must Move The Balls Around
And Try To Place 5 Or More Of The Same Color On A Straight Line
There Are 6 Different Colors
After Each Turn You Get 3 Random Balls On The Field
Each Time You Place Five (Or More) In A Row
(Row Crossings Of The Same Color Are Also Possible)
These Balls Will Be Removed And You Get Points (And Another Move)
To Move Balls Around Just Click On The Desired Ball To Select It
(The Ball Starts Jumping) Then On The Desired [Free] Field
If There Is A Way To This Field - The Ball Moves There
If Not - The Ball Gets Deselected And You Have To Try Another Ball

You Always Have A Preview
Which 3 Colors Will Be Placed On A Field On The Next Turn
(Top - Middle)

If You Do Not Like To Move Balls
You Can Force The Next Turn With The Next Button

The Game Goal Is To Earn As Many Points As Possible

When The Field Is Full With Balls
Press The New Game Button To Start Over

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