Tiger Quotes

In Me
The Tiger Sniffs The Rose

Siegfried Sassoon 1886-1967
The Heart's Journey VII

The Tigers Of Wrath Are Wiser Than The Horses Of Instruction

William Blake 1757-1827
The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell
1990-1793-Proverbs Of Hell-Line 15

I Consider The Tiger As A Being
A Created Being
If You Kill All Tigers Still The Tiger Soul Continues
But The Point Is I Don't Want The Tiger Superseded
Oh, May Each She Tigress Have 77 Whelps
And May They All Grow In Strength
And Shine In Stripes Like Day And Night
And May Each One Eat At Least 70 Miserable FeatherLess Human Birds
And Lick Red Chops Of Gusto After It

D.H. Lawrence
Selected Letters Of D.H. Lawrence

It Is Proverbial That From A Hungry Tiger And An Affectionate Woman
There Is No Escape

Ernest Bramah-Kai Lung Unrolls His Mat-1928

When A Man Wants To Murder A Tiger He Calls It Sport
When The Tiger Wants To Murder Him He Calls It Ferocity

George Bernard Shaw
Maxims For Revolutionists

There Was A Young Lady Of Riga
Who Rode With A Smile On A Tiger
They Returned From The Ride
With The Lady Inside
And The Smile On The Face Of The Tiger

Langford Reed
The Limerick Book-Page 103

If You Miss The Tiger
The Tiger Won't Miss You

Chinese Proverb

Man Dies And Leaves A Name
The Tiger Dies And Leaves A Skin

Chinese Proverb

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