Lovers Once More

On A Hill Overlooking A Lake
She Waits Patiently For Her Love
Watching The Sun As Its Shimmering Light
Dances Across The Tranquil
Blue Water
The Scent Of Summer Blooms Fills The Air
Bringing Her Pleasure
While Intoxicating Her Senses
A Bird Sings Out From The Nearby Forest
Its Song Sweet And Soft
An Enchanting Picture This Does Create

The Maiden By The Water's Edge
Ever Watchful
Listening For Her Lover's Step

The Morning Slips Into Afternoon
The Warm Sun On Her Face Is Comforting
The Warmth Of The Rays Comfort And Soothe Her
As She Sits On The Hill Overlooking The Lake

An Eagle Soars High Above
Screaming Out Through The Silence
Thoughts Fill Her Mind Of The Love They Have Shared
The Image Of His Loving Face Becomes Clear In Her Mind's Eye
The Thrill Of His Strong Sweet Kiss On Her Lips
Passion Unleashed By His Gently Exploring Tongue
Moments Lost In Ecstasy Of Their Lovemaking
They Have Created A World That Is Just For Them

Dusk Is Creeping Slowly In
She Wonders Where He Is
A Promise Is Sacred Between The Two
In Her Heart She Knows That He Will Come

The Sound Of The Wolf's Cry Can Be Heard
Lonely And Sorrowful On The Breeze
A Feeling Of Despair Begins To Fill Her Heart
Fear For Him Has Begun To Consume Her
The Sound Of A Twig Breaking Startles The Maiden
She Turns
She Expects To See Her Love Standing There
Instead She Sees A Beautiful Wolf Watching Her

From A Distance
He Looks At Her Searchingly
With What Seems To Be A Look Of Longing
She Feels No Fear As She Looks Back At Him
Somehow She Knows That He Means Her No Harm
Entranced By His Eyes She Feels Safe With Him Near
Not Knowing Why But Her Heart Tells Her It Is So
As Suddenly As He Appeared He Is Gone
Leaving Behind In Her Heart An Emptiness Unexplained
As She Starts To Rise To Leave This Place
A Warrior Appears Out Of The Forest
Telling Her What She Already Knows In Her Heart

No Lover Will She Meet This Night
No Love Will There Be Shared
He Is Gone From Her
Never To Return
Overcome With Sorrow
She Runs To The Edge Of The Cliff
With Tears Running Down Her Face
Pain Fills Her Soul And Consumes Her Heart
She Cannot Go On Without Him
The Howling Of The Wolf Can Be Heard Loud And Sorrowful
As She Leaps Over The High Rocky Cliff
To Once Again Join Her Lover In Death

So On Nights When The Moon Is Full And Bright
In The Enchanted Place On The Hill Overlooking The Lake
One Can See The Two Wolf Mates Together
Sitting Under The Tree
Looking Out Over The Lake
Together Once Again

Lover's Once More

Author Unknown

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