Our Adopted Wolf Nakota

Nakota Was Adopted Here

Wolf Dreams

The Leaves Crackle Under Foot
The Crickets Are Silenced
In The Mooonlight A Shadow Falls On A Mouse
The Owl
The Ghost In The Night
Swoops Down On Its Unsuspecting Prey

I Raise My Head But Not In Fear
My Brothers Are Close By
I Can Feel Them
I Can See The Eyes Of The Pack

Two Come Foward And Lay Their Heads On Either Side Of Me
A Young Pup Pulls Itself Onto My Lap

The Alpha Wolf
Of Pure Silver
Steps Forward

His Mate
Of Pewter
Beside Him

I Whisper To Him
His Ears Are Perked At The Sound

They Curl Up Around Me In The Chill Of The Night

In The Morning
They Are Gone
Were They Ever Really There?
The Only Sign Left Behind Is A Paw Print In The Mud

Author Unknown

Rasky's Wolf Posters

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