Wolf Quotes

We Listened For A Voice Crying In The Wilderness
And We Heard The Jubilation Of Wolves"

"In Motion
They Ripple
They Flow"

"Listen To Them
Children Of The Night
What Sweet Music They Make!"

"Talk Of The Wolf And His Tail Appears"

"The Wolf Doth Something Every Week That Keeps Him From The Church On Sunday"

"A Mountain With A Wolf On It Stands A Little Taller"

"What But The Wolf's Tooth Whittled So Fine The Fleet Limbs Of The Antelope?"

"The Caribou Feeds The Wolf
But It Is The Wolf Who Keeps The Caribou Strong"

"The Strength Of The Pack Is The Wolf
And The Strength Of The Wolf Is The Pack"

"Only A Mountain Has Lived Long Enough
To Listen Objectively To The Howl Of A Wolf"

"The Gaze Of The Wolf Reaches Into Our Souls"

"Through The Centuries
We Have Projected Onto The Wolf
The Qualities That We Most Despise And Fear In Ourselves"

"Wolves May Feature In Our Myths
Our History
And Our Dreams
But They Have Their Own Future
Their Own Loves
Their Own Dreams To Fulfill"

"The Wolf Is Kept Fed By Its Feet"

"On The Ragged Edge Of The World I Will Roam
And The Home Of The Wolf Shall Be My Home
And A Bunch Of Bones On The Boundless Snows
The End Of My Trail
Who Knows
Who Knows!"

"How Lonely Is The Night Without The Howl Of The Wolf"

Like The Indian
Choose Their Mates Wisely
They Do Not Part Till Death
Making The Two Spiritually Entwined

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