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Parvo In Wolves

Mexican wolf pup born in the wild dies of parvo
Mexican gray wolves being reintroduced in the wild
Are in danger of coming in contact with parvovirus
Parvovirus is a contagious and deadly disease

Federal wildlife officials scrambled to prevent the spread of a fatal virus
That killed one endangered Mexican gray wolf pup last week
It might have killed two more pups on Monday

Officials considered the situation critical
Since there are only about 210 of this wolf subspecies in existance
Including 22 in the wild

All three dead pups were part of the Pipestem pack
A group of eight wolves that are being recaptured
After the July 11 killing of a calf in the Apache National Forest

That was the first killing of domestic cattle
Since wolves were reintroduced to the wilds of the Southwest in January 1998
Nearly three decades after they were exterminated

The first of the 4-month-old pubs died August the 24Th
They were in a holding pen south of Alpine
Analysis at a federal animal laboratory in Wisconsin
Showed Wednesday that it died of parvovirus
A highly contagious and deadly disease that can infect domestic and wild canines

Adult wolves released into the 5-million-acre Mexican gray wolf recovery area during the past two years have all been vaccinated against parvo.

But the five pups born to the Pipestem pack were born in the wild
They were never inoculated said Vickie Fox
"They contracted it somewhere in the wild" Fox said
Vickie Fox is a spokeswoman for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

The two other pups were found dead on Monday
At the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge in central New Mexico
The Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge currently holds about 20 wolves
Officials there immediately began inoculating other pups
They are isolating the pack and disposing of
And any other material that could harbor the disease

Fox said "It's a tough virus"
Adding that it can survive dormant under snow for up to six months
And still be infectious

Wildlife officials captured the Pipestem pack's lead male
A yearling and five pups including the three that died
They still are trying to capture the pack's lead female

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