Bobbie's California Pet Friends

No Matter What Part Of The Country You Are From
Please Visit Your Local Animal Shelter And Adopt Some Happiness
No Animal Deserves To Be Abused Or Thrown Away Like A Piece Of Trash
They Did Not Asked To Be Brought Into This World
All They Are Asking For Is A Little Love And Compassion
If A Human Being Gets Old And Sick, Do You Throw Them Away?
Sometimes We Believe That Animals Are Smarter Than Human Beings
Be Responsible, Spay And Nueter
If You Love Your Animals, They Will Love You For A Lifetime
Rasky, Nicky, Lady2 And Misty Have All The Love They Will Ever Need
No-One Will Ever Hurt Them

Rasky, Rick And Bobbie

Even Though We Live In Indiana Now

Please Visit The Greater Dayton Humane Society's Web Site

If You Live In The Greater Dayton-Ohio Area
You Just Might Bring Home Some Happiness

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