Treat Your Pets Like Family

We Live And Share Our Home With 4 Dogs
We Are Very Committed To Animal Rights
We Believe That If You Choose To Own An Animal
It Is Your Duty To Care For Them In The Proper Manner
You Should Do Research On A Pet Before Taking On The Responsibility For Their Care
You Owe It To Them To Find Out First If The Pet Will Suit Your Lifestyle
Each Breed Has Their Own Unique Behaviour Inbred In Them
You Need To Determine What Characteristics You Are Looking For In A Pet
And Then What Breed Best Fits This Criteria
All Puppies Are Adorable
But The Full Grown Dog Can Be More Than You Expected
If You Work Full Time, You May Want A Breed That Requires Little Supervision

Dogs Are "PACK" Animals

This Means When We Take Them Into Our Home
That They Consider Themselves Part Of Our "Pack"
When They Are Left Alone, They Will Become Bored
They Might Go In Search Of A "Pack" To Hang With
That's Why Certain Breeds Are More Prone To Digging
Or Roaming The Streets If They Can Get Out
Dogs Will Also Bark At Most Noises And Passerby's
This Is Their Way Of Signaling That They Are On Guard
After The Passerby Continues On Their Way
The Dog Will Think It's Because Of His Barking
Eventually You Will Have A Nuisance Barker On Your Hands

The Main Thing Is
Love Your Pet

Take A Pet Into Your Home
Only If You Are Able To Give It The Attention And Devotion It Deserves
You Will Have A Companion Completely Devoted To You
But Only If You Give It The Care It Needs

Please Join In And Become Involved In Animal Care
There Are Many Organizations Devoted To The Rescue Of Unwanted Pets
I Have Worked In The Veterinary Field For More Than 10 Years
I Have Seen First Hand What Unwanted Animals Have To Go Through

A Female Cat Can Have Her First Litter At he Age Of Only Six Months
She Can Become Pregnant Again While Still Nursing Her Kittens
A Female Dog Can Have Her First Litter At Six Months
She Can Have A Second Just Four Months Later

Please Help!
Spay Or Neuter Your Pets

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