There are millions of healthy cats and kittens put to death each year in U.S. animal shelters because of unaltered cats and not enough homes for their offspring.
Some people don't know this
Or they don't recognize this is related to themselves or their cats.
People put off spay/neuter due to issues of money, transportation, or time.
Some people believe it's more fair to allow the cat to mate "just this once"
Or they think a female cat's pregnancy and kittens will be sweet or educational for their human children.

Also, Some People Don't Know That:

Cats can start mating as early as six months.
Even indoor-only house cats often find ways to get outdoors when the sexual urge hits them.
Whether they disappear for good, due to panic, accidents, or enemies, or they return home, kittens are the result.
An unaltered male cat can father hundreds of kittens a year.
Statistically, even if a person finds good homes for his cat's kittens, some of the kittens will grow up and produce litters of kittens.
Spaying a female before her first heat protects her from risks of uterine, ovarian, and mammary cancers.
Spaying also protects her from the stresses of pregnancy.
Spaying stops her frantic interest to roam outdoors and reduces the chances she'll mark your home with urine when she's in heat.
Unaltered cats have urges that make them irritable and upset.
They yowl or whine non-stop, fight, or destroy objects in the house.
Neutering a male reduces his risk of prostate problems, including cancer, later in life.
Neutering lowers his urge to roam and to fight, and thus lowers chances of disease transmission and woundings.
Neutering also reduces his tendency to spray in the home.
And neutering eliminates the powerful odor of adult male cat urine.

Help stop the suffering

Spread the word in your neighborhood.
You can help cats and people by distributing flyers in your neighborhood about low cost or free spay/neuter services.
Design an attractive flyer highlighting the benefits of spay/neuter plus the names and phone numbers of local services.
Post the flyers in supermarkets and other public places where flyers are accepted.
Distribute flyers to households in your neighborhood, especially those with new or unaltered pets.


Some people delay spay/neuter for their pet because they've heard the animal must be six months or older.
Although many older veterinarians were taught that, a number of studies show that cats and dogs as young as eight weeks have no problems later in life due to early- age spay/neuter.
Plus, young kittens bounce back faster from the procedures than older kittens or cats.
The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) endorses early-age spay and neuter.

If two cats are abandoned into the wild you could have...
First Year - Three litters could be 12 offspring.
Second Year - Could be 144 offspring.
Third Year - Could be 1,728 offspring.
Fourth Year - Could be 20,736 offspring.
By the seventh year
The two little cats who started this could have 420,000 offspring

A female cat can have her first litter at the age of only six months and can become pregnant again while still nursing her kittens.
A female dog can have her first litter at six months and a second just four months later.
Every year, in North America alone, more than 15 million cats and dogs are destroyed.
Simply because there are just too many of them.

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