Rasky Features The Writings Of Bill Thacker

Winter Wonderland
(To The Tune Of "Winter Wonderland")

Dog Tags Ring, Are You Listenin'?
In The Lane Snow Is Glistenin'
It's Yellow, Not White
I've Been There Tonight
Marking Up My Winter Wonderland

Smell That Tree? That's My Fragrance
It's A Sign For Wand'ing Vagrants
"Avoid Where I Pee
It's My Property!
Marked Up As My Winter Wonderland"

In The Meadow Dad Will Build A Snowman
Following The Classical Design
Then I'll lift My Leg And Let It Go, Man
So The World Will Know It's Mine-Mine-Mine!

Straight From Me To The Fencepost
Flows My Natural Incense Boast
"Stay Off Of My Turf"
This Small Piece Of Earth
I Mark It As My Winter Wonderland

By Bill Thacker
Used With Permission

"Goodboy Wenceslas"
(To The Tune 0f "Good King Wenceslas")

Goodboy Wenceslas Kept Off
Of The Dinner Table
Came When Called And Sat When Told
Fetched When He Was Able
Such A Fine, Obedient Boy
Ought To Be Rewarded
But Poor Wencie Had No Joy
All His Treats Were Hoarded

One Day Wencie Lost His Cool
And Went On A Rampage
Chewed The Sofa, Wet The Rug
Did A Lot Of Damage
When His Humans Then Came Home
And They Saw The Rubble
You Can Guess That Wenceslas
Got In Lots Of Trouble

Took Him To A Training School
Asking, "What's The Matter?
Once He Was Our Sweet, Good Boy
Now He's Getting Badder"
Then The Trainer Said To Them
"You Must Both Be Rookies
Don't You Know That Good Dogs Need
Lots And Lots Of Cookies?"

Then His Humans Saw The Light
Quickly They Repented
Gave Him Every Treat In Sight
Borrowed, Bought Or Rented
Pig Ears, Hooves And Rawhide Chews
(Other Treats Are Pending)
Now Good Wencie Just Can't Lose
What A Happy Ending!

By Bill Thacker
Used With Permission

"We Three Hounds"
(To The Tune Of "We Three Kings")

We Three Hounds From Oregon Are
Smelling Treats, We've Tracked Them Quite Far
Led Our Mission To Your Kitchen
Right There To Yonder Jar

Can We Have One, Pretty Please?
Must We Beg Upon Our Knees?
Crunchy! Chewy! Love Them? Do We!
Serve Them Up - Don't Be A Tease

By Bill Thacker
Used With Permission

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