Nuke Jane Fonda

Here Is The Story Hoax Or Not
While We Have Our Convictions
Read For Yourself And Make Up Your Own Mind
Is She A Traitor Or Not?
Should She Be Forgiven?

Looks Like Jane May Be Honored As One Of The "100 Women Of The Century"
Does Anyone Wonder If There Is A Top 100 Traitor List
Because She Would Surely Be Voted Most Likely To Win
The Following Is A Partial Commentary Circulating The Web

What Do You Think?

Please Take The Time To Read And Forward To As Many People As You Possibly Can
Hopefully It Will Eventually End Up On Her Computer
She Needs To Know That "We Will Never Forget"
Lest We Forget..."100 Years Of Great Women"
Jane Fonda Should Have Never Been Considered

"JANE FONDA" Remembered?

Unfortunately Many Have Forgotten.
Still Countless Others Have Never Known
How Ms. Fonda Betrayed Not Only The Idea Of Our "Country"
But The Men Who Served And Sacrificed During Vietnam

Following Are Several Examples

The Pilot's Name Is Jerry Driscoll A River Rat

In 1978 The Commandant Of the USAF Survival School Was A Former POW In Ho Lo Prison The "Hanoi Hilton"
He Was Dragged From A Stinking Cesspit Of A Cell
He Was Cleaned Fed And Dressed In Clean PJs
He Was Ordered To Describe For A Visiting American "Peace Activist" The "Lenient And Humane Treatment" He'd Received
He Spat At Ms. Fonda Was Clubbed And Dragged Away

During The Subsequent Beating He Fell Forward Upon The Camp Commandant's Feet
He Accidentally Pulled The Man's Shoe Off Which Sent That Officer Berserk

In 1978 The AF Col Still Suffered From Double Vision
Which Permanently Ended His Flying Days From The Vietnamese Col's Frenzied Application Of Wooden Baton

From 1983-85 Col Larry Carrigan Was The 347FW/DO (F-4Es)
He Spent 6 Years In The "Hilton"
The First Three Of Which He Was Listed As "Missing In Action"
His Wife Lived On Faith That He Was Still Alive

His Group Also Got The Cleaned Fed Clothed Routine In Preparation For A "Peace Delegation" Visit

They However Had Time And Devised A Plan To Get Word To The World That They Were Still Alive
Each man secreted a tiny piece of paper, with his SSN on it, in the palm of his hand
When Paraded Before Ms. Fonda And A Cameraman She Walked The Line

She Shook Each Man's Hand and Asked Little Encouraging Snippets Like:
"Aren't You Sorry That You Bombed Babies?"
"Are You Grateful For The Humane Treatment From Your Benevolent Captors?"

Believing This "HAD" To Be An Act
They Each Palmed Her Their Sliver Of Paper
She Took Them All Without Missing A Beat
At The End Of The Line And Once The Camera Stopped Rolling
To The Shocked Disbelief Of The POWs
She Turned To The Officer In Charge And Handed Him The Little Pile

Three Men Died From The Subsequent Beatings
Col Carrigan Was Almost Number Four

For Years After Their Release
A Group Of Determined Former POWs Including Col Carrigan
Tried To Bring Ms. Fonda And Others Up On Charges Of Treason

I Don't Know That They Used It
But The Charge Of "Negligent Homicide Due To Depraved Indifference" Would Also Seem Appropriate
Her Obvious "Granting Of Aid And Comfort To The Enemy" Alone Should've Been Sufficient For The Treason Count

However To Late Jane Fonda Has Never Been Formally Charged With Anything
She Continues To Enjoy The Privileged Life Of The Rich And Famous
I, personally, think that this is a shame on us, the American Citizenry
Part Of Our Shortfall Is Ignorance
Most Don't Know Such Actions Ever Took Place
Thought You Might Appreciate The Knowledge

Most Of You Probably Already Have Seen This By Now
The Only Addition I Might Add To These Sentiments
Is To Remember The Satisfaction Of Relieving Myself Into The Urinal At Some Airbase Or Another Where "Zaps" Of Hanoi Jane's Face Had Been Applied

To Whom It May Concern:

I Was A Civilian Economic Development Advisor In Vietnam
I Was Captured By The North Vietnamese Communists In South Vietnam In 1968

I Was Held For Over 5 years
I Spent 27 Months In Solitary Confinement
One Year In A Cage In Cambodia
And One Year In A "Black Box" In Hanoi

My North Vietnamese Captors Deliberately Poisoned And Murdered A Female Missionary
A Nurse In A Leprosarium In Ban Me Thuot SouthVietnam
Whom I Buried In The Jungles Near The Cambodian Border
At One Time I Was Weighing Approximately 90 Pounds
My Normal Weight Is 170 Pounds

We Were Jane Fonda's "War Criminals"

When Jane Fonda Was In Hanoi I Was Asked By The Camp Communist Political Officer If I Would Be Willing To Meet With Jane Fonda
I Said Yes For I Would Like To Tell Her About The Real Treatment We Pows Were Receiving
Which Was Far Different From The Treatment Purported By The North Vietnamese And Parroted By Jane Fonda As "Humane And Lenient"

Because Of This I Spent Three Days On A Rocky Floor On My Knees With Outstretched Arms With A Piece Of Steel Placed On My Hands
I Was Beaten With A Bamboo Cane Every Time My Arms Dipped

I Had The Opportunity To Meet With Jane Fonda For A Couple Of Hours After I Was Released
I Asked Her If She Would Be Willing To Debate Me On TV
She Did Not Answer Me
Her Former Husband Tom Hayden Answered For Her
She Was Mind Controlled By Her Husband
This Does Not Exemplify Someone Who Should Be Honored As "100 Years Of Great Women"

After I Was Released I Was Asked What I Thought Of Jane Fonda And The Anti-War Movement
I Said That I Held Joan Baez's Husband In Very High Regard
He Thought The War Was Wrong
He Burned His Draft Card And Went To Prison In Protest
If The Other Anti-War Protesters Had Taken This Same Route
It Would Have Brought Our Judicial System To A Halt
It Would Have Ended The War Much Earlier
There Wouldn't Be As Many On That Somber Black Granite Wall Called The Vietnam Memorial

This Is Democracy
This Is The American Way

Jane Fonda On The Other Hand Chose To Be A Traitor
She Went To Hanoi Wore Their Uniform And Propagandized For The Communists
She Urged American Soldiers To Desert
As We Were Being Tortured And Some Of The "Pows" Murdered She Called Us Liars
After Her Heroes The North Vietnamese Communists Took Over South Vietnam They Systematically Murdered 80,000 South Vietnamese Political Prisoners

May Their Souls Rest On Her Head Forever
By Meisel Joshua
10 November 1999 15:32 UTC

The Apology?

In The Early 1970s Jane Fonda And Her Partner Tom Hayden Were In The Forefront Of The Visible Anti-War Movement
Both Were Very Involved With The Vietnam Veterans Against the War
They Were A Force Behind The Winter Soldier Investigation Of Alleged American War Crimes

In 1972 Both Traveled To Hanoi

In 1988 Some 16 Years After Her Tour Of Hanoi When She Made Her Famous Radio Broadcast And Had Her Picture Taken Behind The Same Anti-Aircraft Guns That Were Shooting Down US Pilots
Jane Fonda Appeared On 20/20 And Was Interviewed By Barbara Walters

Two Versions Of This Interview Exist
One An Actual Transcript The Other A Press Release

The Transcript Reads:

Barbara Walters:

"There Are Still People Who
I Guess Feel You Have Never Apologized
Would You Like To Just Say Something To Them Now?"

Jane Fonda:

"Well It's Not That I Would Like To Say Something Not Just To The Vietnam Veterans In New England But To Men Who Were In Vietnam
Who I Hurt Or Who's Pain I Caused To Deepen Because Of Things I Said Or Did
I Feel That I Owe Them An Apology
My Intentions Were Never To Hurt Them Or To Make Their Situation Worse
It Was It Was The Contrary
I Was Trying To Help End The War
But There Were Times When I Was Thoughtless And Careless About It
I Am Very Sorry That I Hurt Them
And I Want To Apologize To Them And To Their Families"

This Was Released To The Media As:

"I Would Like To Say Something Not Just To Vietnam Veterans In New England
But To The Men Who Were In Vietnam Who I Hurt
Or Whose Pain I Caused To Deepen Because Of Things That I Said Or Did" Fonda said
"I Was Trying To Help End The Killing And The War
But There Were Times When I Was Thoughtless And Careless About It
I Am Very Sorry That I Hurt Them
And I Want To Apologize To Them And Their Families."

In Both Versions There Are Direct References To The Veterans In New England
This Points To The Reason For The Timing Of The Apology
At The Time Fonda Was Filming "Stanley And Iris" On Location In A Number Of Blue-Collar New England Towns
Production On The Movie Was Being Severely Disrupted By Protesting Veterans
This Was Causing A Serious Problem For The Film
Fonda Decided That Something Had To Be Done So She Went On 20/20

The Difficulty Still Remaining For Many Vets Is The Nagging Doubts About The Apology
Was It A Sincere Effort To Atone For A Now Recognized Hurt
Or Was It Merely A Cynical Attempt To Solve Crippling Production Delays?
The Timing Of The Apology Allows For The Inference Of A Self-Serving Motivation
Ms. Fonda Had 16 Years To Consider The Results Of Her Actions
On The Other Hand
Perhaps The Protests Themselves Made Her More Aware Of How Deeply Many Veterans Resented Her Actions In 1972

Only Ms. Fonda Knows In Her Heart For Sure

"It Is My Fondest Wish That Some Day
Every American Will Get Down On Their Knees And Pray To God
That Some Day They Will Have The Opportunity To Live In A Communist Society"

Jane Fonda--1970

"For You Jane Fonda"
"Black Dead Roses"

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