Dear Mother

You Watched Over Me Always There Always Cared

I Miss You

Now Amongst The Stars In The Gardens Of The Yards

I See You

In The Beauty Of A Rose The Fragrance Of The Flower Knows

I Feel You

In The Darkest Part Of Night With The Dawning Of The Light

I Hear You

Never Far Away In Thought I Am With You Though I Am Not

I Love You

CopyRight 2000-
Bobbie "Irockslady" 6-25-00
Dedicated to Naomi Isabella Peters
Rasky's VietNam Memorial
All Rights Reserved

I Wrote Dear Mother From Feelings That I Know Rick Has For His Mother
Though I Never Met Rick's Mother
I Know Her Angel Spirit Had Everything To Do With Bringing Me To Rick

May We Always Feel Her Spirit With Us

34 Days To Go
1 Month 4 Days

Mom And Di

We Were Rocketed Last Night For The Second Time In Three Days
Jackson And I Were In The Mess Tent Around Two In The Morning Getting Some Coffee
We Heard Something Explode Outside On The Perimeter
We Went Outside To See What Was Going On
It Looked As If Another Artillery Unit Was Firing Rounds Around Our Perimeter
They Do This Everynight
It's More Or Less Practice In Case We Get Hit With A Ground Attack
We Saw Two Explosions Out In The Mountains
We Heard Something Whistle Over Our Heads
One Round Hit The Airstrip And One Hit Inside Our Perimeter
I Grabbed My M-16 and Web Gear
I Told Jackson To Get Into The Bunker

We Were Under Attack

We Sat In That Bunker For Over An Hour Watching And Waiting

All I Could Think About Was That I Had 34 Days To Go

About Every Two Minutes They Would Fire A Couple Of More Rounds In On Us

122 Millemeter Tripod Mounted Rockets We Were Told
I Heard Everyone Of Them
All Thirty Six Of Them
We Were Sitting In That Bunker Waiting Watching And Praying
Would They Try And Over Run Us
No Matter What We Were Ready

34 Days To Go But I Won't Run
I Kept Thinking About How Close To Going Home I Was

Then All Of A Sudden Our Battery And Charlie Battery's Guns Went Off
We Didn't Hear Anymore Rockets Being Launched
There Was Minor Damage To Us
But Ole Charlie Had Two Rocket Launchers Destroyed By Our Battery
A Forward Observer For The Infantry Was Watching Them As They Were Firing Rockets Down On Top Of Us
He Radioed Our Fire Direction Center And They Plotted The Rocket Site On Their Map
They Gave The Coordinates To Our Guns And Five 155 Howitzers Fired At It
The F.O. Radioed Back And Said The Rocket Site Existed No More

It Was Sweet Beautiful Revenge

They Seem To Think That Those Rocket Launchers Were Part Of The Same Ones That Hit Us December First At Dakto
They Destroyed One Of Our 155's And Took The Life Of A No. 1 Sargents Life
It Won't Bring Him Back
But At Least Maybe We Got Some Of The "SOB'S" Responsible For His Death
The Rocket Launchers Were Destroyed
I Guess God Did Answer My Prayers

Duvall Came Back Today And He Brought Me Three Letters From You
I Hope Diane Likes The Watch That You Bought For Her
I Don't Think I Will Be Back In Time To See My Baby Sis Graduate From High School
I Want You To Take Twenty Dollars Of My Money And Give It To Her As A Graduation Present From Me
I know she needs it and maybe this way she will know I still think of her
Maybe She Has Finally Realized How Much You Will Mean To Her
When The Day Comes That She Won't Have Anyone To Go To
Six Months Being In Vietnam I Finally Realized This
Vietnam Being A Place She Will Never Have To See

Before I Went Into The Army I Caused You Alot Of Grief And Heartache
I Realize Now How Much It Means To Have A Mother And Sister At Home
You Two Are My Only Family
For Without You Two I Would Have No Reason To Live And Would Not Want To

Mom I Love You I Always Will

I Apologize For All Of The Trouble That I Caused You
It Is A Wonder I Am Not In Prison Instead Of Being In Southeast Asia
Before I Volunteered For The Army And Came To Vietnam
I Was A Punk Ass Kid Who Thought He Knew Everything
Now I Know That I Didn't Know S___!!
To Flush A Toilet And Take A Real Shower Are Some Of The Things That I Miss
I Came Here As A Twenty Year Old Scared Kid
I Hope To Come Home From Vietnam As A Twenty One Year Old Man

Mom I Won't Come Home The Boy That I Used To Be
I Have Seen To Much Death And S__!! Here To Last Me A Life Time

Thirty Four Days I Want To Come Home
I Am Not The Same Person That I Once Was

Our Section And Maintenance Split A Sundry Pack Today
I Got A Writing Tablet And A Carton Of Winstons
The Guys Also Gave Me About Eight Bars Of Soap
I Guess They Were Trying To Tell Me Something
I Took My First Shower In Four Days
I Have A Nose Cold And That Probably Made It Worse

They Have A Mountain Out In Front Of Us Called "Brillo Pad"
I Went Outside Awhile Ago And You Could See Artillery Fire Hitting All Over It
Just Awhile Ago We Watched B-52's Bomb The Hell Out Of It
I Never Thought I Would See Something Like That Look So Beautiful

34 Days To Go

Being Six Feet Four I Am Going To Walk Like I Am Two Feet Four
I Hope The F--- That I Make It

Gotta Go
Love Always

CopyRight 1968-
Rick "Irockblue" 18-May-1968
Rasky's VietNam Memorial
All Rights Reserved

My Mother Passed Away December 12th 1996
I Dedicate This Page To Her
After She Passed Away I Found A Square Metal Can In Her Closet
Inside It Was Every Letter That I Had Written Her During My Two Year Service
From Basic Training To Ait To My One Year In Vietnam
I Have Not Seen Diane My Sister Since 1968
Something Happened Between Her And My Mother And She Left
My Mom's Dieing Wish Was To See Her Only Daughter
This Never Happened
On The Day That My Mom Died I Disowned My Sister
She Never Saw The Suffering That Her Mother Went Through
She Never Saw The Pain During The Last Two Years Of Mom's Life
But Mom Stayed Strong And I Did Everything That I Could Do For Her
I Bought My First And Only House In 1977
And My Mother Lived With Me Until Her Death
She Was 81 Years Old
So My Mother Was All The Family That I Had Left Until I Met Bobbie
It Took Me Along Time To Be Able To Read The Letters That My Mom Had Saved
I Wanted To Share The One Above
If You Still Have Your Mother Take The Time To Tell Her That You Love Her

Rest Peacefully Mom I Will Always Love You

Rick 6-22-2000

Thousands Of Stars In The Evening Sky
Thousands Of Shells On The Shore Together
Thousands Of Birds That Go Winging By
Thousands Of Flowers In The Sunny Weather
Thousands Of Dewdrops To Greet The Dawn
Thousands Of Bees In The Fields Of Clover
Thousands Of Butterflies Dot The Lawn
But Only One Mother The World Wide Over

Margaret Llindsey

Strength And Dignity Are Her Clothing
And She Laugheth At The Time To Come
She Openeth Her Mouth To Wisdom
And The Law Of Kindness Is On Her Tounge
She Looketh Well To The Ways Of Her Household
And Eateth Not The Bread Of Idleness Her Children Rise Up And Call Her Blessed

Proverbs 31: 25-28

Foot Note

As Of August 2001
Rick Bobbie And Rasky Are Leaving Ohio
We Are Moving To A Small Town In Indiana
After 24 Years In The Same House It Is Time For A Change
It Is Time For New Memories And A New Life
We Will Have Country Living Land And Freedom To Roam
But In My Heart I Will Take My Mother's Memories With Me

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